14 december 2009

CSI:Miami drinking game

Not complete, comment if you think I missed something ;)

Drink when Horatio..

.. puts on his sunglasses
.. takes off his sunglasses
.. says "He did, didn't he?" or "She wasn't, was she?" or the like
.. 's silhouette is against an effectful background
.. says his one liners
.. sees something the expert has overlooked
.. states something overly obvious
.. 's reflecion is effectfully seen in something
.. greets someone behind him without turning around
.. is patronizing to a woman or child (or anyone really)
.. stands side-on with a crooked neck
.. says one of his retorts
.. walks out of a scene backwards while saying something cool
.. 's big ass Hummer is driven near water
.. says the name of the person he speaks to more than once (drink every time)
.. says "Take him/her"
.. does something extremely stupid and impossible to be heroic (and of course makes it)
.. holds someone in that person's death moment
.. makes it out of an impossible situation (he didn't put himself into be heroic)

.. and when someone in the team..
.. zoom in on something
.. does a holographic autopsy
.. 's computer/phone makes irrational sounds or animations

.. and when..
.. the camera crew start filming the characters outside the room, through half-transparent glass
.. they show a colourful Miami skyline
.. a short scene is played backwards
.. the screen is split
.. there is a lab/crime scene montage

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jennifer sa...

haha guud! kommer ju däcka innan man är halvvägs! ;D

Anonym sa...

Jag känner mig onykter efter att ha läst reglerna.