18 april 2013

Översättning av Itaru Toyama

Itaru var väldigt snäll och översatte spådomen som jag köpte vid ett av templen:

About the problem of making a boyfriend: Be careful because there are many temptations.
Refrain from doing something rashness. Don't trust everything that seems to be kind.

About your job: You should not be stubborn, it's better to sustain your current situation.

About your money: You have a good luck. But don't waste in any circumstances.

About your health: You have a good luck. But don't work too much if you have a chronic disease.

About your persona: You are loved by everyone because you are kind
and good at depending on other people's kindness. The weak point is to be easy to get angry.

About your marriage: Don't be hurry because you have a good luck.
It's better to marry when you are 25 or 26 years old.
It's desirable there is a 3 year age gap between you and your boyfriend.
(It doesn't matter whether you are younger or older.)

About your luck in battle: If you like gambling, you have a good luck of even number and west side.

About your important age: You will have a good thing when you are 17 19 21 25 33 37 43 years old.

About your affinity: You have a good luck if the number of your boyfriend's name's strokes (when you write it) is odd.
It's the best if your boyfriend's initial is Y or S or M or E.

About the important thing: Don't do something too much like eating or working.
It's better to give up being stubborn even if you want to go against,
because you may become lonely in extreme cases.
Your life will become stable when you are at middle age.
Don't be afraid of making a mistake when you are young,
that will help you as a good experience sooner or later.

Overall luck: The best.

Good days: 16 or 25.

Make an effort without reason.
Keep a promise and be on time.
To manage everything effectively will make you make progress.
To lose over will help you get a large profit.
Don't complain even if you are not paid money.

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